In KS2 at Maryport Church of England Primary, we chose to learn Spanish as our Modern Foreign Language as it is one of the most spoken languages in the world; it is now taught in our local secondary school and Spain is a popular holiday destination for families from our community.

Our Modern Foreign Language curriculum is designed to allow all pupils the chance to ‘Learn, Achieve and Shine’. We believe that learning a foreign language offers each pupil the opportunity to

: • Develop speaking and listening skills through various oracy strategies

• Develop an enthusiasm and enjoyment for language • Gain confidence and competence to communicate in another language through speaking, listening, reading and writing

• Increase awareness of language structure and draw comparisons between the structure from one language to another

• Develop a positive attitude towards people who speak languages different from their own

• Develop an awareness of cultural differences between countries

Children in Years 3 to 6 have weekly Spanish lessons, mainly using the on-line programme Language Angels which is aligned to the National Curriculum expectations for Modern Foreign Languages. In addition to this Physical Phonics is used to teach phonics explicitly.

We have a multi-sensory approach to learning Spanish to ensure learning and practicing the language is fun! We use a wide variety of resources including audio and video with native Spanish speakers. All lessons include a range of approaches including song, mime, role play, games, online activities and written tasks. This engages and facilitates children's learning of another language.


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