The study of geography involves pupils exploring the relationship and interactions between people and the environments in which they live and upon which they depend. Children develop their curiosity and compassion for the natural world we live in as they start to understand that many challenges that arise during their lifetime are centred around geography. From recognising the impact of climate change, to predicting natural hazards such as Earthquakes, to understanding the causes and effects of population migration around the world, our pupils will need to know about geography and think like geographers.

Therefore, at Maryport Church of England Primary School, we seek to develop young geographers who are able to make links and connections between the natural world and human activity. Through our topics, we seek to educate and inspire our pupils to want to make a change and look after the world we live in. In line with the statutory requirements of the school curriculum which must be balanced and broadly based, our school commits to ensuring that every pupil at every stage of learning has regular and appropriately challenging and engaging learning in geography which is informed by the National Curriculum. In addition, we will ensure that what our pupils learn in geography and how they learn it not only inspires and stretches them intellectually but also contributes to their spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development, allowing them to ‘Learn, achieve and shine’ whilst also preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they will face in the future.









Our Year 6 children have impressed the WWF charity with their campaign for climate change. Please have a look at their success at

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